Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails



Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails is the L10n library which works with Ruby on Rails 2.2.

It supports Rails i18n and have the features below:

  • Auto-Detect the client locale
    • Detect candidate locales from supported locales by the application.
  • Localized Routes
  • Localized Action/Fragment cache
  • Localized view template files
  • I18n.t fallback to localized message candidates.

Applications can use this library with your preferrable i18n backends which don't have above features.


$ sudo gem install locale_rails

Sample site

Sample site is available here.

You can find the same sample in the locale_rails gem's sample directory.


This program is licenced under the same licence as Ruby. (See the file 'COPYING'.)


Masao Mutoh <mutoh at>

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