Ruby-GetText for Ruby on Rails


Ruby-GetText for Ruby on Rails is the L10n library which works with Ruby on Rails 2.3.2 or later.


There are locale, gettext gems and other 3 libraries below which support rails:


  • Auto-Detect the client locale
    • Detect candidate locales from supported locales by the application.
  • Localized Routes
  • Localized Action/Fragment cache
  • Localized view template files
  • I18n.t fallback to localized message candidates.


  • Validation messages translation
  • Model translation
    • extract messages from models with the rake task.


  • Localization for some helpers.
  • Works with other Rails I18n backend.
    • Note that gettext_rails is not the one of I18n backend.

These libraries are thread safe, and applications can use this library with your preferrable i18n backends which don't have above features.


$ gem install gettext_rails